Month: July 2017

Cyber Security Success: Provide Your C-Executive Team with an Employee Monitoring Software to Prevent A Data Breach

‘Cyber Security’ the term itself refers to securing you from any kind of cyber/online threats. Cyber security majorly involves the implementation of various techniques and software in order to mitigate all forms of cyber threats and information breaches that has become very much common in this era of digitization. As the usage of Digital medium started picking up its pace, varied new kinds of threats have started arising in terms of data security and information preserving. As with the rise in enormous organizations stepping forward to intake digitalization as their inherent property, it has become extremely necessary to safeguard...

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Employee Monitoring Software: How to Protect Your Employee By Protecting Your Business?

In this competitive age of business, all organizations are facing new challenges regarding increments in their productivity and creating a dedicated workforce for their organization. To keep the business healthy in the turbulent contemporary corporate environment, Each employee of the organization must be committed to their work and help in boosting productivity level of the organization. A necessary source of an organization is its employees. So there performance will automatically increase the growth rate of the organization. But Some business owners fail to monitor their employee’s activity during the productive hours. As a result, growth graph of an organization...

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