Time Tracking or Employee Management? Which One Would You Choose?

Have you ever realized that the idea behind employee management completely varies from time tracking in the work premises? Implementing resources that have different features that help to respond and attain different challenges and goals, respectively, is advantageous. If you are looking out for an appropriate tool, then the first thing to consider is to check out the operational difficulties that are important for your organization. At times, you could be monetarily compelled to select between employee monitoring software and web-based employee time tracking software. Are you also in a similar situation? Don’t worry! ‍I will help you to...

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WFH Update: How Remote Work Culture Affects Sensitive Sectors 

If you recall the end of 2019, you would remember how we all shrugged at the thought of a sudden pandemic outspread all over the world. But Coronavirus did knock on everyone’s door- sooner than we could have expected.  Almost all the organizations, thus, resorted to adopting the remote work culture, but it came with a heavy lift for a majority of us. WFH did sound pretty luxurious in the beginning, but we all know the truth now. Various factors and regulations have made this sudden shift very complicated for some sectors as compared to the others.  Remote work...

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9 Smart Productivity Hacks To Get Most Of Word Done In 2020

Most of the companies around the world have productivity as their top priority. And due to this performance-based work culture, there is a boom in the market of productivity software. Now you have plenty of tools, which might help you to maximize your workplace productivity. While there are also services that can provide you with advice and suggestions so that you can enhance the work performance of your employees. However, with so many sales pitches in the market, it would be difficult for you to opt for genuine service. In this article, we are not focusing on the tools,...

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Even-handled Timesheets: Quick, Easy & Accurate Time Tracking Software

It’s an old saying by Benjamin Franklin, Time Is Money! Therefore, the tracking of daily working hours is really important, as it commonly helps to remunerate employees. A mechanical time clock was one of the first known methods of recording time on a timesheet, using which the employees themselves can record the time of their arrival and departure, minimizing all the disputes. Even today, I feel the main idea behind timesheets hasn’t changed over the years. As in today’s scenario, part-time or hourly based employers use different tools or software to track and manage the hourly tracking hours of...

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07 Effects of Employee Recognition on Workforce Management

If you have read the quote mentioned above, I guess you might have already figured out what we are going to talk about in this blog- the importance of employee recognition. And yes, it has A LOT to do with workforce management.  Believe it or not, but employees tend to work longer for the companies in which they get more recognition, even if they are not very happy with their salary.  Don’t believe me? Let me change your mind.  Of course, employees work for their salaries- that’s the only way they are earning their bread and butter. We all...

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Empower Your Workforce And Upgrade Your Business Productivity

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  • Track employee internet usage across your departments.

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