Employee tracking system is getting more popular nowadays. Today most of the business offering employee to work remotely for their company. Due to the various benefits like saving money and increasing productivity for their business. But offering freedom to employee bring worries for the management team of any company. But using Employee monitoring software you can easily track work records of your employee in a finger touch of the screen.

Before the introduction of Employee monitoring system, it was extremely difficult to determine whether your employee is fully utilizing productivity time of your company are not. It was not possible to identify how much time they are spending in work? and what are the status of the work they are doing. This is the huge problem and difficult to rectify and its reflection shows in the form of productivity decreasing and affecting the growth of the business in the long run.

To overcome this vital problem some of the company started installing spyware on their employee system which is considered as immoral, disrespectful and intrusive. But using Employee monitoring System is the right solution for this Issue.

After the introduction of Employee monitoring software. Many people argue that it is bad as spyware software. But Assumption made by the people is wrong. Because Employee monitoring software is not only beneficial for company management team but also for the employee. Through this software, they get a chance to prove how many hours they spend in working and they don’t have to worried about being paid less or getting any type of unfair decision towards their side.

Let me explain you deeply why your business need Employee Monitoring System? How it a Good Idea?

The main reason as a management of the company you should start using employee monitoring software is because it is cost effective and helps you to find out true talent and hard working employee for your company. Suing this software will help you can easily increase the productivity of your business. Without using any hard rules on your employee and it also gives great satisfaction to your employee.

Using this software in your business allows the employee to schedule their task and still, they can save time for another thing to do. Because this software doesn’t allow your employee to spend time on social media and other website. if they do so you can easily pick that particular employee out.

There is a different kind of employee monitoring software are present in the market. Different having different functionality. But if you asked me then I will prefer EMPMonitor Employee Monitoring Software. because this software having a various solution for different problems. It is built according to the regular problem which is faced by today’s company. Its tools are cunning and easy to use. You can easily access it from anywhere on the Earth.

Let me show you the cunning features of EMPMonitor Software.

EMPMonitor Time Tracking Tool

Time Tracking Application is one of the tools of EMPMonitor which allows you to monitor the employee time spent in each work. When the employee launches his/her work on the system the tool will start tracking time. And this time tracking tool will be invisible. This tool will send you the logs timesheet and uploads screenshots on the central server. And your management team can easily check the log time of each employee at the end of the week to check on what employee was working on and how much time they are spending for each work.

Employee Monitoring System

EMPMonitor’s Project Management Tool

This tool helps you to distribute project to each employee with specific deadlines. And employee as the update there project’s progress on daily basis in this tool. Through this tool, You can easily identify what are the actual work done by your employee and convey your client on their work basis.

And this tool will also help you to rectify how many days more required to complete the work. Deadline of the task will pause your employee from surfing social media and another website which is not related to their work.

Employee Monitoring System

EMPMonitor Combo Tool

This tool works silently in the background of your employee system and records all their computer activity. And send all data to your central server for your examine. This Combo tool of EMPmonitor includes several features. Which include.


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  • Keystroke Logger
  • Email Monitoring
  • Events & Timeline Reports
  • Website Activity
  • Application Use
  • Documents
  • File Access
  • Removable Storage Tracking
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Deleted & Retrieved Critical Data
  • Print Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Inactivity Monitoring
  • Attendance Tracking


EMPMonitor is one of the Software which having various features to resolve the issue of today’s company. Most important thing about this Software is that after purchasing this software you will get all functionality in one software. To Check the features of EMPMonitor Software Click the given link ( https://www.empmonitor.com/ ). And suggest you valuable thoughts in the given below comment box.