Employee tracking software is meant for employee monitoring which allows the company administrator to supervise and monitor all the activities of their employees through their computers from a central location. Sometimes companies prefer to monitor their employees by using the remote desktop software. In every company, effective team leaders and managers monitor their employees on a variety of basis. It is just to ensure that high performers are rewarded and low performers are disciplined. This employee monitoring or tracking software can help you to identify areas where employees are wasting their company’s productivity time or searching on private matters.

Features of Employee Tracking Software

With the proper software, you can block those websites which are inappropriate and useless to business. If you are successfully monitoring your employees without causing any unnecessary official abrasion, then every manager and team leader can be able to get their goal in easy and secure manner. But before using any software or tool for your business purpose, it is important to know the features and working principle of that particular product.

So to get the same, let’s proceed towards the features of employee monitoring/tracking software and get to know regarding the same. A common question arise in many users that, “what type of software is used to control a computer?” Well, to clear your queries, this post will definitely help you. Go through it:

What do you mean by EmpMonitor?

Now different monitoring tools are present in the market. Some are with advanced features along with high cost whereas some are present in cheap rate but with minor operating features. But if you’ll look around then you can get a software which carries advanced and highly demanded features along with affordable price. That software is named as “EmpMonitor”. This is the best monitoring and tracking software ever. So let’s know this software in detail.


EmpMonitor is an outstanding employee tracking software with various smart and advanced features which can empower you as a perfect employer and can develop your observation quality like no other.  The features of EmpMonitor are highly relevant in today’s trade consequence and are highly required to increase the productivity level and to control the degree of ongoing projects.

Features of EmpMonitor:

EmpMonitor has generally 2 sections.

  • User Section
  • Admin Section

User Section:

  • Surveillance: Or you can say investigation. EmpMonitor is outstanding at tracking the activities performed by the company’s employees on their computer. It is a faultless way to keep your employees conserved in their work and to help them not to stay away from official work. So it acts as a competence guardian.

Surveillance by EmpMonitor

  • Regular observation: EmpMonitor can keep its eyes on the employee’s activities with its 24*7 observational capability. It takes screenshots at regular time intervals and the nonstop keystrokes. So that you can be able to get the great perception regarding the activities going on a system. This can help you to critique things in a right way.

Regular observation and employee details

  • Alerts: If the software will find any non-suitable work element or use of any social networking sites, then it gives alert messages. So that you can be able to get the information regarding the misuse of productivity hours. Through these alert messages, you can detect the sites and those unwanted elements. This can help you in an optimum level of investigation regarding the same.
  • Time management: EmpMonitor can help you to manage the time of employees. It can help the managers and team leaders in a supreme level to check the level of productivity. They can see the dedication and skills of their employees towards their workplace through this.

Time management by Empmonitor

Admin Section:

  • Employee management: Using this tool, an admin can delete, add, modify and view the details of his employees. He has the power those user Ids and passwords. That means he can change the password and any details of that mail id anytime he wants.
  • Generating reports: Reports are the most important thing as they decide the performance of an employee. The admin can generate reports regarding his employees and can save it in pdf format.

Generating reports by EmpMonitor

  • Time monitoring: What type of software is used to control a computer? What type of software can be used to monitor the time? Well, EmpMonitor can be used for all these purposes. The admin can monitor the logout, login time, work and non-working hours by using this software. Through this, the admin can get the updates regarding the task or project on which the employees are working.

Time monitoring by EmpMonitor

Wrapping Words:

From the overall information and blog, it has found that EmpMonitor is a brilliant software using which you can monitor your employee’s work and updates. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you. For more information, you can visit our site as well. Thank you for reading this. 🙂