Employee monitoring tools have been widely used nowadays. Nearly all organizations worldwide have adopted this technology to keep track of their employees’ activities. 

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However, few people think that such tools cause data breaches and degrade the employees’ morale. In this blog, I am going to list out the pros and cons of such tools, so that you can decide whether or not to use it in your workplace. But first, let’s talk about what is a monitoring tool?

What is an employee monitoring tool?

A monitoring tool is a tool that monitors employees’ activities and stores them into the cloud or local storage. These tools are quite useful to prevent costly data breaches and boost employees’ productivity.

There are countless software available in the market from which you can choose. But if you ask me to pick the best employee monitoring software for employers, I would pick EmpMonitor. This tool has many features that will help you manage your employees better.


Employee Monitoring

It actively monitors the productivity of employees by tracking the keyboard inputs and mouse movements. It also takes screenshots of the employees’ system and stores them on the cloud so that the admin can review it later. 

Using it, you can also track the login and log out time of the employees, so you don’t have to use a separate tool for that. This feature comes really handy when you are managing remote employees as you can’t take their biometric inputs physically. 

EmpMonitor also helps you to whitelist the IPs of specific employees like managers or team leaders. This way, you can give a particular set of users complete control over the tool and other aspects of the company’s data. 

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1. Help you track productivity rate.

Without a monitoring tool, it will be hard for you to track employees’ productivity. Most organizations don’t use such software, and this is the reason they have so much productivity loss.

In order to track the productivity of employees precisely, you need to deploy a monitoring tool, as it tracks every activity of employees and stores the data on the cloud. With the help of such apps, you get a detailed report of the total productive hours, applications, and websites used by them, and the time when they started and finished their work. 

Such detailed reports of employees help you carefully evaluate their productivity and implement a better strategy to increase their output. You can also see which employees are wasting company’s valuable time by surfing social media sites or using phones and minimize it for good. As completely depriving employees of both these services may degrade their morale.

2. It shows productive and non productive employees. 

In an organization, employees earn their employers’ trust by working hard and providing end results on time. But, this can’t be measured without a monitoring tool because it is impossible to track all the employees at the same time to see which one is working more sincerely and which one isn’t.

Monitoring software helps you dig in deep and allows you to measure the employees’ productivity with ease. It highlights both the working and non-working hours of an employee and shows the data in a chart form. Using these charts, you can identify the more dedicated and hardworking employees. 

You will also be able to separate the non-productive employees from the ones who are working hard, which is essential if you want to promote them in a fair manner. After all, hardworking and trustworthy employees should be rewarded. 

One more way this benefits your organization is that you can implement the working strategy applied by the productive employee on to the other employees and grow your overall productivity. 

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3. Helps you manage employees.

Every employer out there sometimes finds themselves in a pinch while managing employees. As there are lots of things that need to be taken into consideration, like when an employee starts working or if they are actually working on the assigned task or the exact time spent by them on a particular project. 

These problems increase when you are working with remote employees as you can’t manage such employees in person. They also have a hard time justifying the time taken by them to complete the assigned project. 

All these problems can be solved by implementing employee monitoring software. With the help of it, you can easily monitor the productivity of remote employees and eradicate the unknown factor. You can also track on which project the employees are working, and if they are working sincerely or not. 

It does not favor only you, implementing such tools, also favors employees. As by the continuous monitoring of the tool, they do not have to prove themselves. Employers can directly view the data gathered by the tool and track their productivity.

4. It can protect you from Insider attack.

Insider threats are a big concern for growing organizations. These kinds of attacks come from the people working in your organization. For instance, let’s say an employee is not happy with your company for pay grade or any other reason. In such cases, he/she may try to get back at the company by leaking their data through the internet or by any other means. 

These attacks can be prevented by the use of monitoring software. As with the help of it, you can easily track the work and activity of all the employees. By accessing these data, you can rule out the possible threat potential employee and keep a close eye on him/her and prevent data breach before it happens. 

There are cases of unintentional threats too. In such a case, employees visit a site that has a threat, and it gets transferred via the internet over to your company’s system and then to the server. It may cause the data leak or unauthorized access to your crucial data. 

You can prevent this by simply monitoring employees’ activities and blocking the IP address of harmful sites with the help of monitoring tools.


1. Privacy 

Privacy is a big concern among employees while using this software, and it should be because privacy is everybody’s right. Most employees fear that these monitoring tools track what they are doing on their system even after office hours.

There is also a risk of not knowing how much and what employers are tracking with the help of these tools. Plus, it is not good to track employees without their consent, because it may have some serious legal complications. 

It also breaks the trust between employees and employers as it is a complete violation of trust and privacy. You should always tell the employees about such software and avoid any legal complications. 

2. Ethics

Is monitoring tools really ethical?

This question has been the topic of discussion for very long, and we always get mixed answers. Some say it is ethical, while someday it is not. 

It also depends on the employers to make the tool ethical as how it is used also depends. If you are using the software properly and within bounded rules, there shouldn’t be any reason to worry. The unethical 

factor arises when you use the software in an unreasonable way. 

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Employee monitoring tools are crucial for the growth of an organization. They help you monitor employees’ productivity and allows you to manage everything easily. 

There are some drawbacks associated with these tools, but you can eliminate such negative factors from your end by implementing such tools in an ethical way. 

You can use EmpMonitor to successfully manage your remote employees and increase their productivity altogether. 

Let me know down in the comment section which software you are using to manage your employees, and does it do a good job?