While reading a daily news, an eye catchy headline came to my notice. I read a headline with bold letters that, the employee of the company named XXX has caught behind the bars for data transfer. It was a BPO where all these incidents happened and that employee has transferred around lacks of money through email and other portable stuff. It was fortunate for that company that they caught the culprit before time and arrested by the police. Such unexpected things happen where the investigating techniques are improper or the mercy is totally measured and controlled by the company. But Employee Monitoring Software prevents the same. How? Let’s see…

Here we can blame the humanity. But just think twice, if the investigative techniques were developed then it wouldn’t happen. Yes, it is obvious that it is an absence of mercy, but along with that, we can’t deny the supervisor also. A supervisor has its own limitations and boundary. A supervisor can’t monitor all the employees for his activities. The human element is not secure all the time. For this reason, all most every company employ several techniques to confine the misuse of official hours and transfer of data.

Employee Monitoring Software

Some techniques are also there which include blocking of emails if it exceeds from its certain time and size, no internet access, blocking of specific websites and many other. I have heard from many of my IT friends that some website was blocked but now they have unlocked that particular website and the issue fixed. Employees with advanced and updated knowledge regarding this can be able to perform such activities easily and also can be able to access to that by changing some settings. An employee monitoring system can be able to help you in such cases. It proves its usefulness here. It has no limits and has the exceeding power factor than the human supervisory. It deletes the limiting capacity of the human supervisory.

Employee monitoring tool has been developed a lot in these past few years. The best thing about this software is, it promotes invisible monitoring operations easily and efficiently. It is very useful to tackle such situations. It works as a supervisor where you need someone to keep the data secured and safe.

Let’s have a look at some of the major factors of employee monitoring tool:

  • Control internet access:

Get more control on all your employees. Wherever and whatever they are using through the internet. You can track and restrict the huge internet users. So that you can avoid unnecessary uses of the internet. It has its own policy that you can’t use internet exceeding the limited internet access. It allows you to cut down the unnecessary uses of the internet and the time wasting activities. So that it can be able to maintain the high-speed access for all the work related activities.  

An employee monitoring tool with a browser tool can be able to engender the graphical and tabular reports of how the internet is being used by a particular employee during the certain time frame. So that the time-wasting activities can be avoided completely and if it is happening, then those activities can be detected by this software. This tool can be used by managers to provide necessary feedback by viewing the internet usage and other activities during the time frame.

Track employee internet usage

  • Employee desktop monitoring:

This tool helps you in monitoring unwanted usage of the system. It tracks the activities and other unwanted tasks done by employees. This helps to track the information about what an employee is doing with his/her monitor during the certain time frame. This is obviously helpful and wise. Sometimes employees do mistakes. This tool can help to find out those mistakes and it can be helpful for managers to manage and to rectify such mistakes. It can record the progress remotely and can help you to reduce costs and save time.

  • Virus prevention:

The most disaster thing in systems is virus and malware. This issue can be solved by the tool. It incorporates browse control mechanism. It helps you to block internet websites. If you are accessing to other devices, then this software can detect and can block immediately. It prevents from spyware and malware. Employees are always asked to consider the greatest asset. Always use the right employee monitoring software to update all the things and boost your business productivity.  

Wrapping words:

Employee desktop monitoring is the best tool to keep your data secured and safe. Different software is now available in a market. EmpMonitor is that tool which is well-known for its updated and advanced features. This application comes with many smarter features which empower you as a great manager or you can say a good employer helps you to keep the daily updates up to date and helps you to keep the day by day task records.