Many companies and organization are using a different method to monitor their employee. It is common to see video camera at the workplace of business. But is monitoring through video camera is enough to monitor all the activities of your employee?

Employee Tracking is a healthy business practice for any business. Which allow you a reference point that can use to evolute your employee on their work performance.

But you can’t get those essential data from a video camera. You need specific software which allows you to monitor your employee computer which they used for your healthy business.

In this electronic age of business, it is difficult to keep all client list, employee work information or track secrets confidential. The growth of any business depends upon a way that employees working for your company.

Here are the reasons for Employee Tracking

employee tracking

  • It is important to make sure that all your company employee are following the company guidelines and procedures.
  • It is important to check chat logs, Email and network records to see if the confidential or sensitive information is getting out.
  • Website histories give managers precise representations as to how much time is spent on company computers on non-business matters.
  • Checking administrators monitor computer for any tampering to an internal system that would suggest inappropriate usage.
  • Employee Tracking applications would include device location services in the event that company computers are portable or become relocated for any reason.

Now you must be thinking how a management of your company can keep all this record of your employee in one place for the betterment of your company. These all can be done through an Employee Tracking Software. And the best in the market is EMP Monitor “Employee Tracking System”.

EMP Monitor is designed which allows you to track all the activity of your employee in a single finger touch. You don’t have to keep eyes on your employee. EMP Monitor is there which will send all data of your employee activity in your central database. And wherever you are you can easily pick each and every employee activity in a real-time on your Phone or your system. You don’t have to stay close of your employee to know their activity. You can easily access this software for anywhere on this earth.

Here are some robust features of EMP Monitor which give you ways to monitor staff performance.

employee tracking

  • If your company having an employee who is working from outside of your office. You can easily track their location through EMP GPS locations.
  • EMP allows you to monitor the messages sent and received over company email servers.
  • Access to data system and file company computers.
  • It helps you to manage password for every account on company equipment.
  • It sends you data of web browser history to that your company employee are using the Internet only for their work purpose or not.
  • It calculates the amount of time spent by each employee on the company system.
  • Monitoring which users signed in on which device on any given data.
  • It sends you data which help you to judge the performance of your employee correctly.
  • It sends you screenshots after every 5 mints which allow you to know what exactly your employee is working on.
  • It gives you the facility to distribute project with a deadline to your employee.
  • It scans all the documents which are printed or faxed using company machines.

EMP Monitoring work not finished here. It also helps your employee to get a different type of benefits. Some time employee works hard for any project but after the completions of the project, all credits goes to someone else. So EMP will help you to find the right people who really work for the project. And he will be benefited is a face of bonus or hike. So This Employee Tracking software is beneficial for you as well as your employee.

employee tracking

Employee Tracking Software is the best way to monitor your staff performance. As well as the better growth of your business. This software helps your business to get a proper growth and suggest your employee follow all your company policy properly.