Both the security and the productivity are important aspects for every organization. Most of the time it seems difficult to manage both the productivity and the security of an organization. Very often we observe that strengthening the security, affects productivity effects and when they go looking for productivity, then security gets neglected. So to avoid this, it is important to find out the solution which will help you to keep both the security and the productivity in a balanced manner.

Many marketers do focus on their productivity and at that instant neglect the security of their organization to a certain extent. So just to avoid such things employee monitoring is essential. It is one of the best ways with which we can secure our organization in a better way. It can protect your organization from outer effects thereby securing the data from being leaked as well.

How to balance between productivity and security?

Wondering how to get this done?

Okay, all these things can be possible if you are using an employee monitoring software in your workplace.

What is an employee monitoring software?

Which is the best employee monitoring software?

How does it work?

Don’t worry, we will give all the answers to your questions. So,

What is an employee monitoring software?

Stop worrying about the employee monitoring. Start using a software to monitor your employees. Employee monitoring software is a tool which tracks or monitor all the employee activities within an organization or workplace. It shows how employees are utilizing the office resources during work hours. It identifies the issues and helps you in resolving those issues. Know how your employees are spending their productivity hours now in an easy and better way. Many employee monitoring tools are present in the market now. You must think about the one that suits your need? Yes, an employee monitoring software like “EmpMonitor”.



EmpMonitor is all in one centralized computer monitoring software which is designed to use in government, educational and private organizations. The following are the advantages you will get on using employee monitoring software.

  • It is a free cloud-based control system.
  • It allows the user management operations.
  • It gives the detailed reports about the employees.
  • It gives instant alerts if an illegal use of computer or internet is happening.
  • It is easy to use and gives the free updates in every instant.

The advanced features of EmpMonitor make it more popular and widely used. These features are user-friendly and easy to use. So have a look at some of those significant features of EmpMonitor.

Useful features of EmpMonitor:

#1. Screenshots:

View screenshots

It takes the screenshots at any instant. May it be in every few seconds or after certain time intervals. It can take all the screenshots that how their employees are using their productivity hours. Letting you see Whether they are using efficiently or not?

#2. Activity records:

Activity records

It can take all the activity records of employees in the workplace. Starting from the morning to night, it keeps all the records of employees activities in a better and detailed manner.

#3. Keystrokes:

Keystroke record

It also keeps track of all the keystrokes records of an individual. It allows knowing how many times that particular employee is using these keystrokes.

And many more features.

Wrapping Words:

So this is an overview of employee monitoring software. This can help you in tracking all the employee activities in a workplace. EmpMonitor is the best among all employee monitoring software. If you want to get more regarding the same, then click here:

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